I wish I wasn’t so attached to this blog or else I would delete it so that I would never get notes from the fish posts ever again

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so i’ve been watching makeup videos and I found out that brown eyeliner is better for my eyes than black which explains why I always take off black eyeliner whenever I try putting it on because it always seems too intense for me

so I’m gonna get some brown eyeliner and I also bought an angled brush so i’ll try using that to apply it and I got a naked palette sO

makeup adventures await


25 Days of Tim Minchin
3/25 {x} (click for high-res)


25 Days of Tim Minchin
3/25 {x} (click for high-res)
You strike me as the kind of guy who’s on the lookout for a head he can knock off with a shovel - Secret Window (2004)

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Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)
The Weeknd
Kiss Land (Deluxe Edition)
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You’re too shy away from me
Just sacrifice your every last inhibition
I’m on your side
Don’t patronize
You know tonight
Is the only time we’ll have each other
Why would you try to waste this precious time?
Cause tonight I’ll be right here
And tomorrow you won’t care

Wanderlust, The Weeknd (Pharrell Remix)


Raphael Saadiq.

Been fine. Still fine. Will always be fine.