"A lot of people don’t know it but I’m really a sheep farmer. I’d like to get back down to Devon and …see my sheep…"  ~Matt Bellamy

Matt u need help

#GettinGrilled #ScreenplayWriter #GeoffreyWhiteParkslopeChic (at Prospect Park)

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Is the statute of limitations up on what Bill whispers to Scarlett at the end?

sofia coppola: No, I still love that Bill says it’s between them!


Wes Anderson Shots: Center frame, medium close-up.

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I've Seen The Saucers
Elton John
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I’ve Seen the Saucers || Elton John

I’ve seen them
I’ve been there with them
I can tell you all you want to know

omg I made a facebook post about the joys of going to a CUNY (being put on hold for an hour and up for a simple question) and my dad came upstairs and sat me down and said “Do you want to talk about this? If we had the money we would send you to a private school. I’m sorry it’s like this.”

oh my god??? I was really just joking and frustrated oh my god I felt awful and I kept telling him it was just a joke and he’s like “I just want to make sure you’re okay and you’re not stressing over this.”

I almost started tearing up god damn it Dad

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"You’ve played so many times in Helsinki, I must ask, how many words in finnish do you know?" x

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